Why should I write?

Some anonymous guy. As the name speaks for itself, I’m just some other guy in this massive pool of 7 billion people worldwide. I do have really high ambitions in life, but the truth is that I’m ordinary. As ordinary and normal as every other 22 year old guy you’d see down the road of your neighbourhood. However, the striking fact is that what appears ordinary, really isn’t. Isn’t it a wonder that every soul out of the 7 billion have their own story to narrate?

Till now, I’ve never really achieved anything. Some of you might say that for a young guy like me, its too early to tell. But the truth is, I’m a dreamer. I like to dream big and end up frustrated when things don’t fall into place. I’ve experienced losses, and victories as well. But victories need not necessarily count as achievements. No matter how good I perform, something keeps me awake at night. At first glance, it appears I’m not happy.

But later I realised, ‘happy’ isn’t the word. I am not ‘content’.

So I decided to start writing. That’s the first step to self-introspection. It’s like a gateway to the depths of your mind : the more you write, the more comfortable you get with your thoughts. This isn’t as easy as it sounds. How many of us have actually pondered over our final goal in life? It doesn’t matter what the goal is – it can be anything, from earning a truckload to living in the comfort of isolation at the corner of the world. But what’s important, is to realise it. And in order to do that, you need to know your identity.

Our world is in a rat race. Some people race to top the so-called ‘food chain’, others simply race to survive. In his chaotic world, I’m starting to believe that the truly content people are those who run at their own pace. Writing is like composing music. The way I bind my words together tells a lot about my character – whether I’m aggressive or soft, enthusiastic or indifferent.

I’m going to be blatantly honest. This is a place for me to let off some steam. I’ll write about stuff that bother me, and stuff that amuse me. I’ll scribble down stuff I create – however small and insignificant they might be. Some might relate, and some might not. I’m not interested in the outcome of my doodles, I’m interested in the journey itself.

I hope that this sweet little journey of mine will prove to be worthy, and give me what I’m looking for. I’ve had little experience in writing, but what the hell. I’m up for it. 🙂