The invisible Spectrum

The four winged albatross gliding high up in the sky,

With her silent lips keeps telling me goodbye.

The sharp raindrops from the clouds hurt me like a knife,

And the mountains, they govern them,

Keep coming back to life.

The sole supremacy of mankind 

Bows before the wrath of nature,

Those products of our minds so far

Seem just another caricature.

The vast trail of emptiness beneath my feet,

Reminds of memories not so dear.

The turbulent winds, they whisper in my ear

Sparing me a moment to shiver, tell me

That the end of days is near.

The harsh noise of the water striking the horizon

Awakens the stonehenge from its sleep,

Hidden in the clouds in oblivion

The silent guardians do weep,

As i resolve to take the leap into the infinite

There emerges a blight 

Within the invisible spectrum.

The gusty wings of the albatross throw me

Beyond the horizon.

As the sea swallows me to death,

The guardians yet remain mum.
I feel a cold touch on my eyes,

Opening them, there stands a door beside me.

A pinch of soil floating in the vast sea

Nothing else matters, for i am finally free.

From within the door, a trail of light waves me in,

“The door is void of all sin.”

As my faint footsteps onto the new earth

Stir up the morning twitters

I hear the chant of the messiah

Assuring me to confront the jitters.

The sky is clear, the water calm

The forces of the blight seem a distant memory.

As i follow the trail of light

A drop of crystal lands upon my palm.

I am afraid no more

For this is the paradise.

Seemingly, the ‘heaven’ that us people worship.

The vivid colours and lively tweeters lurk me in

As the trail of light continues to the deep.
Following it to the very core, i see

The messiah himself burdened with agony.

“There is no paradise, only illusions”

And waves his hand, only to prove my delusions.

The sky roars, the tweeters disappear 

I close my eyes, for death do i fear.

The water strikes hard, the blight resumes

Destroying in the path

Everything that it consumes.

Up from the clouds, the guardians speak

“Sins are everywhere, journeyman

They come for you, for peace is what you seek.”

The core of the light engulfs me in

As i prepare for the ultimate demise.
But i wake up, only to find myself in bed.

The clock reads ten, as i attempt to question

The instances in my head.

Sensing some obstacle, i open my palm

Only to find the liquid crystal drops

I’ve been holding on to.

As they carry me back to the invisible spectrum

I wonder, was it the messiah’s whim

Or just my own dream?
They will take me back to the land where

The tune of destruction is hum.

They will take me back to the land of

The invisible spectrum.